Our next board meeting is 14 Dec, 530pm at the school

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School Board Policies

Below are a list of the policies we are adopting. If you can link to the document, it has been adopted. The ones without links are still in draft form and pending adoption by the school board.

Section A-B Board Governance and Operations:

ACA - Americans with Disabilities Act
BBBB - Board Member Oath of Office
BBC - Board Member Resignation
BBFA - Conflict of Interest
BCD - Board-Superintendent Relationship
BCE - Board Committees
BCH - Consultants to the Board
BF - Policy Development

Section C General Administration

CA - Administration Goals
CB - Superintendent
CBB - Recruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent
CBG - Evaluation of the Superintendent
CHCA - Approval of Handbooks and Directives
CHD - Administration in the Absence of Policy

Section D Fiscal Management

Section E Support Services

Section G Personnel

GBI - Gifts and Solicitations
GBNNA/JFCFA - Cyberbullying

Section F Facilities Development

Section H Negotiations

Section I Instructions

IGBB - Talented and Gifted Program
IGBI - English Language Learners
IGDB - Student Publications
IGDB - AR - Student Publications1
IICA - Field Trips and Special Events
IICAA - Extended Field Trips
IICAA -AR- Extended Field Trips
IICB - Community Resource Persons
IJ - Guidance Program
IKE - Promotion and Retention of Students
ING - Animals in District Facilities

Section J Students

JB - Equal Education Opportunity
JBA/GBN - Sexual Harassment
JBA/GBN - AR - Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
JBAA - 504 Students
JEBA - Entrance Age
JFCA - Student Dress and Grooming
JFCG/JFCH/JFCI - Alcohol Tobacco and or other Drugs
JFCG/JFCH/JFCI - AR- Alcohol Tobacco and or other Drugs1
JFG - Student Searches
JFI - Student Demonstrations and Petitions
JG - Student Discipline

Section K - L District-Community Relations

KA/KAA - District-Community Relations Goals and Objectives
KAB - Parental Rights
KAB -AR- Parental Rights1
KC - Community Involvement in Decision Making
KG - Community Use of District Facilities
KG -AR - Community Use of District Facilities1
KI - Public Solicitation in District Facilities
KK - Visitors to District Facilities
KL - Public Complaints
KLB - Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials