Our next board meeting is 14 Dec, 530pm at the school

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We need your help

The only way we can build a school is if the entire community gives. Gives till it hurts a little bit. In time, money or both. If we do? If everyone can pitch in just a bit. We can create something amazing

If you can give of your time, please call us at (503) 440-9878. If you can give of your money, you can send a check to the Cannon Beach Academy, PO Box 1171, Cannon Beach, OR. 97110 or donate via Paypal:


Raising money is crucial for our continued success. Our school must rely on donations and grants from individuals and organizations to cover the expenses associated with opening the school. Once we open, a portion of the money that Seaside School District receives to operate its schools will be provided to us for our use to allow us to operate our school.

In the spirit of total transparency, we will "open our books" to the public. You can watch as we continue to raise money to open our school. You can see our books here.